About Lukianos

Lukianos: Visionary Spiritual Artisan

Helping individuals and groups connect and co-create with Spirit



In my Art, I create immersive environments and performance works that provide opportunity for direct interaction with the realm of Spirit.

For my individual clients, I use a variety of tools, including Tarot, Obi, and traditional astrology, to facilitate connection with Spirit, articulate goals, and identify potential sources of assistance or hindrance.  I employ spiritual baths and cleansings, candle work, and other time-tested conjure methods to help bring articulated visions into manifestation.   For ongoing work, I design and create custom works of talismanic Art to promote desired spiritual states and outcomes.



Catalyzing insight and inspiration

What will you Co-create?

This and better in Divine Love and Wisdom

Tarot and divination
30 years
Energy Work
25 years
Conjure and Rootwork
15+ years
40+ years

Grounded and expansive

Readings provide another point of view, and illuminate paths forward.

Customized for you!

All talismanic works of Art are custom-made and designed for you and your specifications.

Peace be with you